Resume Reel


7 responses to “Resume Reel

  1. Amber, I really like this! It looks nice. Let’s work at the same news station…. wouldn’t that be wonderful! lol

  2. Kendrick Waters

    I am so very proud to have known Amber D. Sims. The few times I’ve been graced with Ambers’ presence, she has always been positive, uplifting and respectful. I pray and hope that she continues being a driven and dedicated individual.

  3. Marilyn Reynolds

    Amber, I am so PROUD of you and you accomplishments. I always knew that you would do great things in life. You stayed focused and did exactly what you set out to do. You are such a blessed young lady. I know that you never left God out of your plan and you also have a strong mother who I know never stopped praying for you. I know she is proud. Amber continue to be the lady that you are and continue to give God all of the glory.

  4. Fazila Aseem

    You sound good! love it!

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