Being a Dallas Mavericks Fan Again

If the Dallas Mavericks are Ready for Another Playoff Year, I guess I am too

I feel sorry for this year’s Dallas Mavericks, I really do. For a team that sits only behindSan Antonioin the number of consecutive 50-win seasons (10), has made it to the playoffs for multiple seasons and boasts one of the best players in the league and of all-time, the Mavericks can’t seem to buy respect.

 As much love as I have for the hometown team, I can’t say that the critique is all unjustified. Let me have a moment to air my grievances. Every time I think about the year 2006, I can’t help but feel a tinge of regret as to what could have been for the Mavericks. The kind of disappointment an entire city feels from beginning to plan a Championship parade to watching as the Dwayne Wade steal what was supposed to be our championship is still hard to get past. My personal biases allow me to call this both one of the biggest upsets and meltdowns of all time is. Next year’s season for the Mavs was wrought with more disappointment for the Mavericks. Their league-leading win season and position as the number one seed ended in an unpredicted first- round loss with a string of losses to the eighth- seeded Golden State Warriors that.

The 2006 Finals for the Dallas Mavericks seems like a lifetime ago and a reminder of what could have been.

 Stellar seasons since then haven’t taken away the sting all of us felt from being wrong about the Mavericks and their ability to win big. These days everyone seems to keep their distance from the Mavericks not wanting to give them the credit they deserve out of fear that they could be wrong and most importantly disappointed again. This year for the first time after four seasons I can finally admit why I claim to dislike the NBA playoffs so much and I turn to baseball this time of year. The playoffs come for the Mavericks every year and no sooner has it come is it over. I admit it– I had become complacent in being a Mavericks fan.

 However, this year something inside me changed; this year I had the unwavering urge to cheer for my team when the playoffs started no matter the outcome. I’ve been anticipating for the game to start and even emerged from my blogging hiatus to blog for my team. Perhaps it was the numerous tweets, Facebook posts and commentary, or my new infatuation with basketball and March Madness. I like to think that I just couldn’t tolerate sitting aside as everyone cheers for their team no matter the outcome and I figured since I was a Cowboys fan last season it’s only fair.

 I’m fortunate to be a Mavericks fan and proud of what they have done so far. They have turned a franchise that lacked identity into one of the most consistent and winning-est teams in the NBA. This year I encourage fans and commentators alike to throw away their complaints against the Mavericks and let them play basketball. Let’s cheer for our team wholeheartedly and live with whatever happens. Enjoy the next 40 days and 40 nights and hope at the end of them our team is playing on our television screens or at least watching along knowing they played their best games this season.


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