March Madness Isn’t the Only Thing Crazy About This Week

March Madness isn’t the only big thing happening in the sports world. This has been a crazy week in sports for so many reasons. Let’s do a recap.

  1. Texas Rangers’ manager Ron Washington admits to using cocaine last season. Washington later admitted that he used marijuana while he was a player, but he said he only used cocaine once. Luckily for Washington  Major League Baseball and his team are forgiving and he will be back for the 2010 opening day.
  2. During their game versus the San Antonio Spurs some of the Orlando Magic players had their arms wrapped around each other (what a visual). Even though the Magic were already winning big, perhaps this was some sort of good luck ritual. Here’s the picture of what team comradery is all about!
  3. # 1 overall seed Kansas loses to underdog Northern Iowa and thousands of brackets are destroyed(except for that one person in the office who guessed all of their picks). Sure college basketball faithful are a little perturbed, but even more excited because everyone knows big upsets like this are what March Madness is all about. Besides the #1 overall seed has never won since the ranking was started in 2004*
  4. Tiger Woods announces he is making his return to golf at Augusta after nearly a four-month break from golf. It was certain Woods was going to come back, but no one knew when so the golf world has been on the edge of their seats. Questions to ask now are: what will be the response to Tiger’s return and will any other player get camera time?
  5. The New Jersey Nets continue to lose. While the Nets losing season isn’t surprising anymore, an entire season that only consists of seven wins out of 69 games played should be.
  6. Just a reminder, North Carolina is not in the running for the NCAA national championship game and yes the Tar Heels did win it all last year.
  7. Michael Jordan is now a majority owner for the Charlotte Bobcats. Give Michael Jordan credit he really lives by the NBA slogan “I love this game”, even if he isn’t playing anymore.



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