What This Trade Can Prove for the Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks After Their 2006 Loss

A nine game winning streak gives the Mavericks enough ammunition for now to prove that the trade with the Washington Wizards was a good idea in theory and in practice. The additions of Caron Butler and Branden Haywood have been praised by commentators, coaches, players and new teammates. The Mavs, who seek to add new dimensions to their team, hope that its new players can be part of a new formula that will yield big results and prove that this year will be different.

 For the last few seasons the Mavericks have consistently been a good, solid basketball club that can basically guarantee a place in the playoffs, but unfortunately the Mavs have also grown used to early departures from playoff contention.

Even though the Mavericks know that this year’s acquisitions and the acquisition of Jason Kidd has put them in a great position for the NBA championship quest, the Mavericks still remain very humble. The Mavericks know how it feels to create the best record in the league and get sent home in the first round, the Mavericks know that it faces some tough competition in the West from the Los Angeles Lakers (among many others), the Mavericks know that a player like Caron Butler can add some grit to a team often accused of lacking toughness, and the Mavericks also know its fans have not forgotten how close its home team came to winning it all after a catastrophic meltdown in the summer of 2006 that left them without a NBA Championship.

 The nine game winning streak has done a lot to convince everyone that seeking Butler and Haywood was a good idea, but postseason wins in the future will do even more to prove that the Mavericks have found a way to rebuild and redeem themselves to become a team that can win big. In the meantime the Mavericks have gracefully and conspicuously been constructing a good campaign for the 2010 playoffs and beyond that can lay all worries to rest, for now.


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