Too Soon to Talk Mavs Success Yet: Full Story Coming Soon

Mavs Trade Starts an NBA trend and the Mavs might not be done

Mavs Trade Teaser: This trade is too important to say nothing!

The Dallas Mavericks should get all of the credit for igniting what has developed into a very busy trading carousel after the All Star Break and some teams are even finished. By the time the latest trade deadline is over there will be even more major names relocating to different cities and perhaps a completely different outcome to the postseason for some teams. However, even with talented players such as Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood on the roster, that gives the Mavericks team a new dimension, it might be too soon to call the trade a success (even if it turns out to be one). There are two crucial reasons why:

1. Some contend the Mavericks have a few tricks up their sleeve before the trade deadline’s completion.

 2. A record of 1-1 with their new team in place and a tough schedule ahead that includes both teams from last year’s NBA championship means the Mavericks have  some hard work ahead and a lot to prove.

So there’s the teaser for now, but there of course will be more to come!


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