All Star Weekend 2010 Means More Attention For Dallas In the Future






The 2010 All Star Weekend is over in Dallas, but in a city that is famously known for the Dallas Cowboys, the NBA and its All-Star festivities has left a lasting mark on the city and greatly increased its clout in the sports world. The last time the All Star Game was hosted in Dallas, the Cowboys played at Texas Stadium in Irving, the Mavericks home court was Reunion Arena and the game’s attendance was 16,573. A lot has changed since then. 
Nearly twenty-four years later the Dallas Cowboys now play at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington built by owner Jerry Jones, the Mavericks play at the American Airlines Center, the All Star game was played in a transformed football stadium and the attendance was a record breaking 108,713. Cowboys’ Stadium reinforces Dirk’s welcome exclamation prior to the All Star game that everything is bigger in Texas; bigger in a very good way.

The stadium’s enormous size alone left fans and players marveling at what is believed to be the biggest indoors dome in the world. If the size wasn’t impressive enough the big screen televisions, huge crowds and the simple fact that Cowboys stadium is originally a football stadium were also reasons to be amazed by “Jerry’s World”. 
Cowboys Stadium has given Dallas, a city that has never hosted a Super Bowl despite being home to “America’s Team, and ranks far behind cities such as New Orleans and Miami, a chance to host big games that attract large crowds for the first time. The success of the All Star weekend in Dallas means there is good reason for the sports world to return to the city over and over again in the future.
With other major sporting events coming to Dallas such as the Pacquiao fight, the 2014 NCAA Final Four and the 2011 Super Bowl there will be plenty of time for Dallas to prove its staying power in championship sports. It has been a long time coming but Dallas has arrived in the sporting world with a chance to compete and make a name for itself in years to come.  

Players introduction at All Star Game



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