The Highs and Lows of Being a Texas Sports Fan

The Highs


No matter what happened in Texas sports, no matter how bad it was, the Cowboys win was huge! The Cowboys win redeemed a team that had not won a playoff game in thirteen years and was living off of the legacy of a Super Bowl reign that only Cowboys fans still call to memory.

Talk of the Cowboys  to date consisted of constant jabs that the team failed to perform in December, failed to win a playoff game, failed to  have a huge performance from its quarterback and failed to have a coach who could show real leadership. Yet, with all of these alledged shortcomings the Cowboys showed up big in a win against the Eagles that was so impressive that all commentators and “Cowboys haters” alike were forced to come to terms with the idea that the Cowboys are back in the playoffs and back to claim their rightful title as America’s Team.

More about the Cowboys:

The Lows

The 2009 Rose Bowl BCS National Championship game between Texas and Alabama, had very big implications for the Texas Longhorns.  The 2009 season had the potential redeem what Texas had lost a year before in a monumental BCS snub that allowed Oklahoma to play against Florida for the championship game instead of Texas.

 Yet it turned out that a Championship title was not how the Longhorns would end the decade or Colt McCoy’s incredible tenure as quarterback: the twice-nominated Heisman trophy winner Colt McCoy went down after just a few minutes of play. Right then chances for a Championship win and chances for redemption decreased, but the Longhorns still kept fighting with freshman quarterback Garrett Gilbert at the helms and Colt on the sidelines. 

Even with a noble effort and a promising quarterback that shows potential to lead his team to a big game, Texas fans still have to feel cheated. Not cheated because they felt like Colt didn’t give his best or cheated because a freshman quarterback played the majority of the game, but cheated because for the second year in a row they were  left to marvel at what could have been if Colt had been able to stay on the field the entire game or if Texas had just been given a chance against Florida last year.


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