Mark Cuban, It’s Not February 8

Is Mark Cuban ready to face the NFL?

“I know we’re just little pissants compared to the NFL, but seriously, the NFL is turning into the ugly American when it comes to sports leagues,” Cuban said. “They don’t give a crap about anybody but themselves.”

We all know that Mark Cuban is good at pulling publicity stunts, but his recent lashing against the NFL has to be one of his least successful. This time no one is disagreeing with Cuban’s basic premise: it’s NFL season and no one cares about the NBA until it ends. In its defense, perhaps the NFL forgot the Mavericks were playing. It is still football season and schedulers are so busy that they didn’t have time to check their calenders, but it is more likely the NFL’s decesion to broadcast the Cowboys game right before the Mavericks tip-off was intentionally unintentionally done.  The NFL believes their games should be front and center and if that means going up against the NBA so be it–at the end of the night the NFL will have the fan power and the ratings to prove it.

Yet, even if it was a little rude who is Mark Cuban to talk about the “ugly” American citizen? Mark Cuban who has been fined millions of dollars for his inability to hold his tounge and be considerate of others has the audacity to tell the NFL that it is being rude? The irony of the words of the basketball owner that is more well known for his ability to distract his team than the team’s ability to play sound like the ones of an owner missing his spotlight. Although Mark Cuban’s diversion attempt proved futile against the NFL, there is only exactly one month of football left until the Super Bowl is played on Feb. 7 in Miami. After that the NBA can get the spotlight and Mark Cuban can regain his role as the “ugly American” from the NFL.



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3 responses to “Mark Cuban, It’s Not February 8

  1. TJ

    LOL. ESPN ran a survey asking if you would rather have courtside seat to the Mavs game Saturday or nose-bleed seats to the Cowboys-Eagles game. 75% are in favor of the nosebleed section. Cuban is an idiot, does he really think the Mavs trump the Cowboys?

  2. Very interesting blog i would like your take on the upcoming draft. Cuban is a good salesman

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