We Deserve This: Alabama vs. Texas for the 2010 BCS Bowl Championship


If you are a Texas Longhorns fan you know that in reality your team deserved to go to the BCS Championship last year instead of Oklahoma. Unlike Alabama who clearly lost their bid for a championship run with a loss to Florida last year (and would go on to later lose to Utah), you felt your team deserved the bid for the BCS Championship because you beat Oklahoma (and would later win against Ohio). I mean sure there was that one loss to Texas Tech, but like Mack Brown said when he explained to the entire country why Texas was the most deserving team for the # 2 spot, “Texas beat Oklahoma”.

 However, if you are a Texas fan you know that the computer didn’t know any better so it picked Oklahoma. As a Texas fan you cheered for Oklahoma to lose so that the BCS would know that its decision to pick Oklahoma as the #2 team was wrong, but it was okay that Texas could have won that game with an opportunity to play because next year Texas was going to come back with a chip on their shoulder. Next year Texas was coming for Florida. Texas would be undefeated and unquestionably deserving of a Championship for the 2009-2010 season because no one deserved it more.

Just as expected the Texas Longhorns have come back this year. Colt McCoy has led his team to success with the help of some key players, an awesome defense and of course stellar coaching. After the win over Nebraska for what will more than likely be the BCS Championship game, Texas found that this year there will be no Florida. As a Texas fan I was initially thrilled to hear about Alabama knocking off Florida, the best team in the nation, until I realized something: Texas was not the only team playing with a chip on their shoulder. Alabama players admitted that after losing the SEC Championship game last year to Florida, that since last season their team has been working to show that they could be a contender this year.

Texas is not the only team that believed they deserved to play in the big game last season.It is only fitting that if everything goes accordingly, that the two teams that feel they have the most to prove from last year will face off in the BCS Championship. With an undefeated and dominating season this year and a huge win that exposed the weaknesses of the nation’s number one team, Alabama has shown it is ready. Even with a shaky win against Nebraska, Texas fought back to place itself in a position it believes was denied to the program last year.

For those like myself who initially believed that after comparing the games that Alabama and Texas played to grant their acceptance to the championship game, Alabama had the obvious advantage: Wrong, everything starts over from here.  Now that Florida, Alabama’s biggest roadblock is no longer in contention and Texas is playing in the game it believes has been two years in the making, both teams have a clean slate to play in s BCS Championship game that will ensure the nation knows what its football program can do on the college football’s largest national stage.


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