Come All Ye Football Faithful: My Response To Some Very Pressing Football Issues

So I’m an avid sports fan specifically football and now that the 2009-2010 NFL and college seasons are underway I decided to write about some of the most exciting events in college and professional football by asking and answering a few questions, please feel free to agree or disagree– we’re all friends.

1. Is this the end of Charlie Weiss?

I sure hope so. I have been saying for years that Charlie Weiss is the most overrated coach in college football so the loss to Michigan was not a big surprise for me but I must admit that while watching the game I was worried that Michigan might not hold off the fighting Irish and that a Notre Dame win would leave me unable to prove my argument and reluctantly admit that Weiss seems to be turning the Notre Dame program around. Luckily Michigan didn’t let me down. Now that the Michigan game is over the “Fighting Irish” don’t have exactly what many would call a tough schedule or a chance for redemption this season.  Next season the “Fighting Irish” might have a new coach leaving Weiss to look for a new job since his affiliation with the New England Patriots has not equated a win.  But Charlie Weiss being overrated is not all his fault. The fascination with Weiss stems from the NFL fascination with anything that deals with the New England Patriots and Golden Boy Tom Brady. Charlie Weiss was the offensive mastermind who helped lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl win so many thought “surely he could do the same in college football right?” No wrong. Weiss has proven to be as overestimated as the Patriots were before they lost to the New York Giants, but like the Patriots his old faithful still won’t count him out. So in short would I be surprised if Weiss stays on another year and given far more chances than his predecessor Tyrone Willingham? No, but then again I wouldn’t be surprised if the New England Patriots were Super Bowl favorites again despite falling short two years in a row.

2. Is Ohio State overrated?

This one is easy and shouldn’t take a long response at all but instead simple logic. For the past three years we have seen Ohio State go to Bowl Games and lose games they should have won; games they needed to validate their standing as a collegiate football powerhouse. With a loss to USC what makes this year any different? Terrelle Pryor? I doubt it. The kid is good but not good enough to redeem the highly overrated and low performing Ohio State. I know some might point out wins in the two years prior to the string of bowl losses, but those wins were against Notre Dame and Oklahoma State teams OSU should have against won proving nothing. In short do I believe that Ohio State should be banned from bowl games appearance so they can have time to get it together, quite wasting time and give a bowl game appearance to a more deserving team? Not right away—maybe after this year.

3. Is USC really that good?

Yes USC faithful your team looked really good Saturday night in that big game against Ohio State, but after reading my previous opinion I also just said that Ohio State isn’t that good and so I believe that’s a game that you all should have won if you’re good. So let’s make a deal USC fans. Pull off an undefeated season with a schedule that isn’t too tough.  If that happens I will be more than willing to testify to the greatness of the Trojans. Otherwise I will be forced to (I wouldn’t want to) point out some very dismal facts. Like how during the last four years I have seen USC fall very short of going all the way i.e. the Texas v. USC game and USC beating up on a poor defenseless Illinois team that proved nothing. But no worries Trojan faithful you all have somehow managed to remain highly ranked in BCS polls and perhaps this year you are going to go all the way—perhaps but I still remain reluctant and say to USC prove it and let’s talk again at the end of the season.

4. Was the decision to get Jay Cutler a good one for the Chicago Bears?

Well he sure didn’t look very good in the NFL debt versus Green Bay but we can’t say for sure now. There are a lot of reasons to explain a seemingly bad start that included a career first four interceptions and a huge loss. For example, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers looked very good, the entire Bears offense stalled which is not uncharacteristic, (but was that because they had the all time worst Rex Grossman) Cutler is getting used to his new offense. It might be too early to tell right now but the Denver Broncos don’t seem to be missing their former quarterback now because their new QB led them to a victory.

5. Did the Cowboys look really good or did Tampa Bay get a little worse this season

I plead the fifth. I can’t talk against my Cowboys this week because a huge win against Tampa Bay is exactly what we need before next week’s game against the very good New York Giants who handed the Washington Redskins a humiliating welcome into the 2009-2010 season.



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3 responses to “Come All Ye Football Faithful: My Response To Some Very Pressing Football Issues

  1. Ryan

    Good win but shows we definitely need things to work on and that is defense defense defense pass and run…..Offense was able to get it together 2nd half but still we need more practice to get everybody on one accord….you don’t win the superbowl week 1 so we should get things together….I underestimated Tampa before the game they are going to be good this year they have a lot of speed on defense. With that being said, it is no way we should lose next week in our STADIUM opener.

    • Amber Sims

      I think you’re right, but Tampa is definetly rebuilding their defense was terrible. Do you think we are missing Ellis I know the newbie in his position was hurting during preseason– we’ve always been bad against the pass but luckily the Giants don’t really have receivers. Plus you’re right we can’t lose in our new stadium… we can’t!

  2. AY dolla$ign

    you dont kno football lil lady

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