Dallas Cowboys: The Blame Game Stops Here

The 2009-2010 season is already a lot different for the Dallas Cowboys and the team hasn’t even played a single regular season game. At the beginning of the off-season the Cowboys got rid of its top receiver and biggest lockeroom distraction Terrell Owens and with a new home stadium the Cowboys are hoping big changes will keep coming and lead to big results on the field. Perhaps no one is looking to start over more than Cowboys star quarterback Tony Romo who mad a huge change of his own as well. Absent from magazines covers this season will be photographs of the Romo with his now ex-girlfriend singer and celebrity Jessica Simpson. Romo’s nearly two year relationship with the star earned him even more fame but it came at the cost of public scrutiny that blamed Tony’s relationship for his lack of focus and the Cowboys failure to make it to the playoffs for the past two years. Despite Simpson being a Dallas area native, when the Cowboy’s last two seasons ended up going down the drain Cowboys fans, players and the media labeled Simpson a “jinx” and blamed her for what Tony Romo and the Cowboys couldn’t do: win football games.
Yet this season with no Jessica Simpson and Terrell Owens the Cowboys believe all of their distractions are gone and the pressure is on for them to win big, and of course they should. For the past two to three years commentators have believed the Cowboys possess all of the talent needed to win but with huge distractions they have failed to show up. Now that the air is clean and a fresh start has been handed to America’s team let’s see if they can win since there’s no one for Dallas Cowboy’s fans and its players to play the blame game against.


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